The vineyards of Pruneto measure three and a half hectares. They lay on the southern side of the hill where the house was built. The vines are divided in two different vineyards. The first one face south, the second one face south-west. Most of the vines are obviously of Sangiovese variety, but we also have some Merlot and some Canaiolo. The oldest vineyard was planted in 1972, while the youngest dates 2017. The terrain is mostly made of marl and has a good and quite deep substantial layer of rocks. The vineyards are 550 meters high above sea level.

The olive groves surrounding the house are made by 200 trees. Most of them were planted in the 50s, and the variety is mostly Leccino. We actually use the whole olive oil production for our family consume.

Azienda Agricola Pruneto, Radda in Chianti (SI) – – (0039) 0577 738013